Small Scale AFV | Inspiration | Federico Zanetti | S. Giovanni Incarico

This is a diorama built for a friend some years ago. It's inspired to a famous picture taken during the decisive american breakthrough towards Rome in May-June 1944. The model of a late Panther D (or a first batch of production model A) it's the old but for some ways better ESCI/ITALERI kit with "zimmerit" made from electrically-warmed X-Acto blade. Jeep it's the superb Heller/Airfix kit and soldiers and animals are from Preiser and Calibre 72
Panther 10.jpg
Panther 24.JPG
Panther 9.jpg
Panther 7.jpg
Panther 4.jpg
Panther 20.jpg
Panther 1.jpg
Panther 26.jpg
Panther 33.jpg
Panther 2.jpg
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