Tarpaulins & Canvases


I’m sure you solve the problem how to make some tarpaulins, the canvases or something similar for your models sometimes. I have tried to use a lot of different materials for this purpose. Let me inform you which materials are the best according to my opinion and also opinion of my colleague.

Colleague Overlord prefers using of the napkin paper till now, but he plans to try the special paper for the flying models covering as one of colleague ”big” AFV modeler has advised him.

I prefer using of fine toilet-paper. I still speak about models making! J All mentioned paper materials are easy to cut, paint and model. Let me describe how I use mentioned material. 

First I cut a piece of paper in required shape. Don’t forget add some more paper for prospective pleats. I wet the paper with mixture of water and little White Glue. Then I place it on the kit, model it to the required shape which is stable after it got dry. Sometimes is necessary to fix some bigger pleats with more White Glue. I paint dry fixed paper with a few layers of the thin paint in the required tint and finish all with patina (the dust, the mud atc.)

You can see below how finished tarpaulins and canvases made using of described technique look like.