How to create "sooty" places?

       One of the details can give your model very realistic look are the ”sooty” fouled places /the gun noses, the exhaust strokes, burned places atc./. There are more methods in the AFV modelling how to create mentioned fouling of course but I prefer following method. I use tinting eyebrow-pencil /look at picture/ for this purpose. I usually make the spot by the eyebrow-pencil on the place where ”sooty” fouling stars. You will quickly get a practice how big the spot should be in connection with the fouling dimension. Then I distribute taperingly this spot by the clean dry finger in the required direction. The result on the surface looks very realistic. The big advantage of this method is you can simply clean the places fouled by the mistake. Another advantage is your eyebrow-pencil has very long lifetime (I use the same for more than 10 years), so there is no need to ask often your wife or girlfriend for this cosmetic. It means you don’t have to promise her new Mercedes, new fur coat or more frequent connubialities too often to get it.J

Try this method and you will see the result. 

Jaromir ”Gerry” Smid