How to make the snow?

My ”Snow Technique”

A small input on the subject of snow made by baking powder. I have been using this method for a couple of times (with very pleasing results), but not with white glue as a base.

I simply take the model/diorama and sprinkle the baking powder on (from a height of 50cm). This is the easy part and gives a very nice effect, especially if applied in very light coats. I then apply hairspray. This is the tricky bit. You really need an even spray (I have the best results with Fruits from Garnier - and it smells well as an added bonus :-) ) applied from a large distance, otherwise you just blow the snow away. If you apply a liberal amount of hairspray the baking powder will dissolve in the hairspray and will dry as a layer that imitates molten and refrozen snow. If you apply it more sparingly (and in multiple layers) you get the effect of fresh snow.

This said, next time I'll rvert to the white glue method (especially for larger coats of snow on a large diorama base) topped up with the above-mentioned hairspray method.


Rob Haelterman
IPMS/Belgium N019