”Natural dioramas”

Dear Modellers,

I would like to tell you something about my experience with the model utilize of the natural materials.

      The clay is my favorite material when I want to make the parched split desert or the dry country lane. I mix the clay with little water and apply with brush on the diorama surface. When the clay got dry it has ideal color and also the splits.

     I use also usual earth, fine sand and small stones set up with dead varnish for my dioramas.


     The small dry herbage is another perfect material for the dioramas. I use them for the imitation of small trees, bushes and similar small plants.
     I spend a lot of time looking for ideal herbage similar to miniaturized real three or bush when I walk around the country.
     I usually use the dry herbage in original color as the got dry but sometimes I have to paint it to get fresher effect. I also combine the herbage with the sticks to get the imitation some types of threes.


     The dry rootlet of some types of the threes and the plants are ideal for the imitation of dead, burned threes of just the three without the foliage. They have ideal color and the shape as real threes mainly.


     I used also the hair from corn cobs combined with the usual model spreading to imitate gross green of the jungle on one of my dioramas.


     As you can see the nature is the inexhaustible source of the model materials. Isn’t it???