"Foliate camouflage net - NATO"

     I work on few ”modern” kits and they pressed me to think how to make NATO foliate camouflage net used by some NATO armies.

     I had place the question concerning this theme to Missing Links Braille Scale Group and colleagues advised to use the plaster, some kind of spices atc as base material. Then I decided to use other material and my own way to crate foliage camouflage net.

      The most important thing for the making of the net is base spreading material able to crate required leaves. I have found simple and cheap solution. I use coarse wheat bran as the spreading. You can get this material in the shops with healthy food or directly in the flourmills. You can see on the picture below how this material looks like.

The foliate net production is really very simple. You just have to apply adulterated white glue on the places should be covered with net and than sprinkle them with spreading bran. You can also first apply the napkin paper over some broken parts of your model and then sprinkle it with the spreading. When the white glue gets dry I recommend you to spray all net places with water and let them get dry again. The painting of dry net is also very simple you can do it by the airbrush or just by the brush.

The finished foliate camouflage net placed on the tank is taken o pictures below.