How to make the high grass or the grain field?

Dear Colleagues,

      I would like to share with you my method of making of the high grass or the grain fields on my dioramas now.
      I donít want to hinder you by long preface so my method is following.
      I prefer to use the brush cutaway from the paintbrushes for this purpose. I personally like the light yellow brushes because their color is ideal for full-grown grain or dry grass without any painting. There are also easy to paint in case you want to realize the herbage in green or other natural color.
     First I cut the bundle of the brushes in required length from the paintbrush and then I step by step insert them into base of my diorama.
      I used the modelling gypsum as base for my dioramas till now but I plan to change it and start to use the potterís clay. The work with the potterís clay is much quicker, clearer and its paining is simpler.
      You can see my grain field on finished diorama below.