Grain Field & Snow Cover


Let me react to the Overlord’s articles in the section ”Tips:&Tricks” and share with you two methods how to make the grain field and the snow. These methods are not of me I have read them somewhere.
      I have seen the dioramas finished using these methods on one show and they look really great. I have also tested them in ”rough” myself and I can recommend you both of them.
      The first method is how to make the field with full-grown grain. This method is similar to Overlord’s but the basic material for grain is different. The basic material I recommend you to use is the hemp twine.
      You have to cut it to required length pieces and then tease them only. Then you can simply stick them on diorama base. The painting is not necessary because the color of the hemp twine is like the full- grown grain has.
     The second method is how to make the snow cower. This method is practically same as Overlord’s using the mixture of the cooking soda and the starch. The change of the basic material for the baking powder is I can recommend you only. You don’t have to prepare any mixture and the result is same.

Ing. Jaromír ”Gerry” Šmíd