Computer like necessary aid, otherwise a few ideas...

       Long time ago, away they are the times, when modeller has needed for his hobby ( except model and colours ) only basic tools. As our branch have developed, arrived resins and photo-etched parts, with them special chemicals and tools …and in the end we're slowly geting into situation, when we can't get along without computer, including another hardware and software. I don't mean using PC in interchange of information on pages hereof or other server, but using on production accessories to kits or dioramas.


     Every one sometimes getts into situation, when he wants to build into his diorama a miniature of bricky, stone or other wall. And inasmuch as, how producers of accessories harsh behaviour to us, "braille scale" builders, there's nothing left than build it ourselves. Okay, build it isn't problem, but hardly anybody has so many patience to paint every brick or grit by alternative colours. And if there's somebody, who means that bricks in wall they have uniform colour, let him go for a walk and scan himself a nearest wall. Solution, that stroke me, is simple trust. It's enough to get pattern of wall, reduced into scale, print it on colour printer and stick on the wall. To me is very testify a graphic programme Corel Draw in association with scanner and colour printer. DeskJet one satisfied, who of you has possibility to work with laser one, is in advantages. That's theory. Easy, istn't it?? Error ! Until you'll get at least basic patterns of walling, slightly you'll drudge. (This way I have to thanks once more to colleague Konstantin Kulakovsky, which've sent me some magnificent patterns). So, as far as we've patterns, it's sufficient to reduce them into needed size and put together side-by-side some of them (the same ones, of course) in Corel that way, to exude impression of compact wall. By near view of that, structure of wall is circulating, but this isn't expressive in such a degree, to obstruct resulting impression. After that is already enough only to print ready wall, cut out required size and shape and stick on model wall. Somebody'd object to, that such wall lack plasticity and there absents to her depressions in gripes between bricks/stones, but I think, that as far as you'll measure the size of these cavern and recount it into scale, it'd be absolutely insignificant. After it I would, of course, recommend to perform weathering, imitate pollution, surface overgrown with moss e.t.c. If somebody 'd want to imitate plaster, or its remains, there are several possibilities, but most of experienced modellers advises somewhat funny procedure - stick a soft toilet-paper on wall.

Writings on the wall

      Mentioned method-made walls they are pretty, of course, but perhaps we'll want a little spirit them. If we'll think over, what can be found most often on walls, these are quite certainly writings. At present perhaps that rival in love or boss, they are members of certain animal species, but in years of WW2, which most of us deal with, there were most of all patriotic or propagandistic writings. If we want externalize any writings, there is easy way - by production of walling in Corel you'd have to choose most suitable TrueType font, and writing write on wall. By little searching it is possible find also font like hand-made. In illustration No. 1 you see small example - brick wall "somewhere in Germany 1945" with well-known propagandist slogan. Here I'd used Chiller Let font. And there is a lot of such possibilities. There's not problem to find Greek font, Cyrillic alphabet for Yugoslav battlefield, or even rarity - Pseudo Saudi font, which, though Roman characters, by its appearance is high remind of Arabic font and so it is possible for North Africa use….. At present I'm searching for Russian alphabet for eastern front - haven't got it somebody of you ?


     Another thankful object on walls are posters, of course. In war time not only advertizing, but more often patriotic. If we want to glamorize our wall with a poster, it's enough to scan it from some coloured reproduction, alternatively download from Internet. After it reduce into scale and either in the same way like font directly print together with wall, or print separately and additionally glue to the wall. Thickness of layers will be somewhat bigger than it should have to be, but on second parties you can imitate teared or otherwise involved poster... By this purpose I'll ask visitor of this server again, if somebody doesn't know about web pages, where 'd has been possibility to find these posters (but even also contemporary advertising signs, street names e.t.c.) and this way save work with their build-it-oneself. Several posters I've found on server, but really only very few...

     How can you see, there is a lot of possibilities how to utilize computer and his accessories for scale modelling…. If I'll have some further resembling tip, I'd like to share it with you.

Ing. Jaromír Šmíd