Decals making 2
Decals made using Alps DP-5000 printer

Colleagues Modellers,

Let me to introduce the method of making my own decals using Alps DP-5000 printer by OKI able to print also white color.

It kook me long time to learn how to use this printer to get acceptable product.

Only the practice has taught me how to adjust it and which software to use for.

I use the Corel and conversion to the vector graphic. Let me notice the preparing of god pattern for the printing of the decal corresponding to the real machine and also to the kit in required scale really isn’t something simple and takes long time.

The work with the Alps printer has own specifics. You have to print the white color as the first if you want to get white ones or white based decals. The printer has to be adjusted on white color compared to the Corel file where everything has to be black to be printed as white in this moment. Really logic, isn’t it!J You have to also switch on the keeping of the paper in the printer in case you want to continue with another color printing, beaceuse it’s really difficult to place paper back into the printer and keep also the colors register.

You can start to print another color when you turn the colors of the subject to original color in the file. The printer turns the paper back on the beginning and starts to print other color.

The color register is much better than the decals of some known producer offer!

The very important think is airbrushing of the printed decal with the varnish because the decal is sensitive to the rub. The application of the varnish also fixes all printed parts together after the dip into the water. You needn’t apply the varnish in case you print bigger compact decals but be careful concerning the rub. The best varnishes are acrylic ones but there is the problem because they get white when are dry. The synthetic varnishes are also acceptable but they can cause the corrugation of the decal. You have to try them and choose what suit you.

The finished decals are very thin so you have work very carefully with!

The Alps printer has some limitations of course. So let me to recapitulate them:

A. Not basic colors have the raster like by Laser and Desk Jets.
B. The white print is complicated because of need of special adjusting.
C. There is no any stick on decals so you should use the thinned White Glue under them to  get better adhesion.
D. The using of Alps printer is relatively expensive because loosing of bigger parts of unused paper during the print.
E. The black color has bad adhesion and strip away during the print already sometimes.

Miroslav "Mitte" Tebich, Tabor, Czech Republic