Czechoslovak Army 1938

A braille set of Czechoslovak soldiers of 1938 will probably not be produced soon.  I have tried to find some substitutions.What I found is not 100percent on today standards but some figures provide satisfacting alternative.



First six figures are of Airfix 01718 - Japanese Infantry set. The trumpeter needs change of cap of course. Wounded man is from Airfix too, of 01727 - WWI British Infantry set.  The last figure in the second row, kneeleing rifleman, is of Esci 204 - Japanese Soldiers set.


Machinegunner in the third row is of Revell 02507 - Japanese Infantry set. His sleeves fit  him to the Slovak Army in Ukraine or Caucasus, or in Slovakia during uprising in 1944. His machinegun needs changes into LK vz. 26 standard.


Both last rows conatin figures of HäT 8070 - WWI Turkish Infantry set. Again these figures need change of heads and low part of tunic on their back.

Pictures are from the Plastic Soldier Review site.

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   Tomas Jakl