LVT 4 "Buffalo"

Scale: 1/76

Kit Producer: AIRFIX

Documentation: Hunnicat Sherman medium tank

This model includes lot of modifications as well as scratchbuilt details added. I detailed suspension, modified hatches and added new visors, lights, Browning MG, ammo boxes and parts of 9x20 tires on edges. Interior includes complete Continental W6709A engine built according to references photos using some parts from FUJIMY kit M12.  The rest of components and aggregates including suction, exhaust pipe are scratchbuilt of stretched styrene sprue and  wire. Interior has also new floor , gearbox, clutch, pedals, radio, dash-board etc.

Camouflage & Patina

The model is airbrushed with Humbrol enamels, rust M63 first and than US green M117. All airbrushed with semi-matt varnish and my own decals placed on when it's dry. "Shading" is created with old good "washing" technique using black enamel and turpentine. The bud is mixture of brown M29 and dusting powder.  

This model got bronze  in  "Airfix Cup" category during IMPS U.K. contest in 1998.