Diamond T 972 Transport  Railway Equipment

21. th Group Army, RASC, Autumn 1944

Scratchbulit in 1/76 scale

Documentation:  Technical manual T M 9 811, Standard Military Vehicles, Verlinden Publications Warmachines Plus 736 by Willi Peeters, my own photos taken in Arromanches 1994, private collection  Vienna, various books and magazines ..

This is my model of Diamond T 972 truck towing one axle trailer loaded with rail-tracks loaded.  It's complete scratchbuilt according my own drawings, photos ... As usually most of parts are castings ( see Diamond T 975 GS, Diamond T 969 Wrecker). 

This model includes more detailed brakes comparing with my previous Diamonds. I also played with turntable, winch and other details. Also cab interior is fully detailed but almost nothing can be seen because I wanted to keep compact truck profile and didn't open it.

The most complicated part of the model is OPLAN (one-axle trailer) because I have found only reference photos showing it. Therefore I decided to go an anagogical way. I prepared my own drawing based on mentioned two photos and Standard Military Vehicles book. All except wheels that are cast is made using "welding" technology. Some fine details are of course made of brass sheet and copper wire.  All cables are plashed of very fine wires using my own technology that is very similar to real cables production. The rail-tracks came from model railway set.

The model is placed on small dio base showing one truck of engineer unit of RASC, 21. Army Group,  Normandy, Autumn  1944. The terrain is created of plaster "stones" and mix of liquid plaster, brown colour and dispersive glue.  I also created tire tracks using the model trailer /it has working axle/ carefully driving drying plaster surface. Dry surface's glued again and sprinkled with fine earth. The tree is slightly modified real tree root with "railway set" leafs added.

Camouflage & Marking: analogical BA  - Europe 1944 green Humbrol M 30, black  Humbrol M 34 , my own decals, than some shadows, rust, dry brush .....

It took me about 200 hrs to complete this model.