Diamond T 975 General Service & Ben Hur trailer 1 tone

1 st.Canadian army RCASC – August 1944

1/76 Scale Scratchbuilt


Technical manual T M 9-811

Verlinden Publications – Warmachines Plus 736 by Willi Peeters

Wheels &Track No 24

My own photos taken in Arromanches in1994

My model is completely scrachbuilt according to the drawing I draw myself, technical manual 9-811 and reference photos. The bigger parts of the model are cast from resin /see Diamond T 975 for details/.

The model construction begun from the frame including bumpers, springs, axles, driver shafts, wheels, gearbox, mudguards with sills, engine walls to radiator and cowling. Then I built complete closed cab with seats, wheel, pedals, levers and other interior details. The cab exterior was completed with windshield,  mirrors, lights, guard grilles etc. Last step of construction was the bodywork with bed, can box, tarp frame, spare wheel holder etc. The bodywork is completed with Bailey bridge construction, tool set /axe, spad, pick, chains, cables, cans etc./.

The model of Ben Hur trailer is built of plastic sheets, mudguards are made of aluminous sheet and wheels are resin cast copies of something.

The model placed on small diobase represents vehicle of Canadian Engineering unit during transport in August 1944.

Camouflage schema and marking Canadian Army, Humbrol M 117 enamel,  decals were airbrushed through stencil on adhesive paper tape, patina was done by “drybrush” and dust is airbrushed with Humbrol M 29 enamel. Diobase – painted gypsum, soil, all airbrushed.

It took me about 200 hrs to complete this model.

This model won 1. place in “like-dislike” category during Czech modeling championship in 2002.