Captured Panther Ausf. A

Scale: 1/72

Kit producer: Revell, Germany

This is Soviet Panther! Decided to have fun with Alexey's Captured Tanks decals. Revell model with Part PE for the zimmermit. However, after I got everything painted I realized that I had used the set for the Ausf D, not A. There shouldn't be the extra bits on the turret for the pistol ports and communication hatches. I figured it was my model and I wasn't planning on showing it anyways, I decided to fool around some more. On the left side running gear, if you look close, one of the outer road wheels has been replaced by a T34 wheel. About the same time I was building it, there was discussion on the Axis DG about this topic. I have never seen photos and i doubt it ever happened but it's my tank and I'll do what I want. Figures by Milicast for a change. Good but kind of long faces.