Kit producer: UM, 1/72

The model was built from kit made by relatively new Ukrainian company UM. The unassembled kit looked well and contained a small set of PE parts, so I started to build it immediately. The building went without any problems, fitting of the parts is very good. The only parts needing some putty were the exhausts and the cannon mask. But Italeri putty didnít work, so I used the cyanoacrylate glue. After few attempts it was done. I finished the model as vehicle from the 1st Czech tank brigade in USSR. It was quite easy, because none of the T-70s wore any writing or marking. I tried for the first time making the middle parts of surfaces lighter than the edges. According to size of the T-70 and to first attempt Iím quite satisfied. Then I tried to add some mud and dirt, but this time it was not so successful in my opinion. I think that this kit is one of the better kits on the market, but I think that the price [about 9 USD] is little bit higher than it should be for kit of this dimensions and difficulty. I didnít compare the kit with drawings, because I donít have any, so I canít say if the dimensions are correct.