Rolls Royce 1924 Mk.I


Used kit: Autoblindata R.R. Mod.1924 Mk.I, A.P. Models, Italy

This model of interesting and known armored car built out of AP Models resin kit is unfortunately first and last I built this year. Completion wasnít simple for me especially because I miss good references. Therefore my model is built straight out of the box except few details added on rear part of the car. Unfortunately it wasnít so nice for me to work with resin parts as I expected. Used resin is very soft and in some places nearly spongy if you look more closely. Axles are most problematic parts. I would recommend you make new one. I made mudguards thinner and also shaped them. Boxes on rear mudguards are new as well as barrel of MG in turret. On the other hand etched parts are much better to work with. Itís simple to bend them without risk of break. I degreased completed kit first before painting. Then I brushed it two times with Humbrol 86. It was my first attempt to create rust patina using oil color. Dusty effect came after application of very diluted sand color on model surface. There are no decals on this model. I think completed model of British armored car looks nice in spite of mentioned poor resin quality. Iím happy itís part of my North African campaign model collection!