M-26 "Dragon Wagon"

Scale: 1/72

Kit producer: Planet Models

In the box this model looks excellent: there are a lot of nice details from resin and two sheets with photo etched parts. Unfortunately, many details are simplified such as: the engine deck and ammo box in the cabin, the cabin framing, the tools boxes, the chain drive in the rear suspension, the whole chassis, both winches, and many more. I donít remember any parts they would not have to upgrade.

I have added a lot of new details, but this article is too small to quote them all.

It was difficult to make the cabin from the etched parts. I had problems with the front wall of the cabin; it didnít fit in with the side wall. I used a lot of super glue and abrasive paper.

The trick: If you glue and paint the cabin separately you can have a problem with integrating it with the chassis because the cabin is very narrow at the bottom. You must put the front part of the chassis into the cabin vertically and then turn the chassis to the correct position.

I bought the chains in the rear suspension at a jewelerís; itís thorough silver!

The machine gun is from Extra Tech; the cables are from Karaya; I bought the chains in the crane in a model shop in Vienna.

I used documentation from the internet and the original technical manual.

This model can provide a very good basis for an excellent model of the vehicle.