M8 Greyhound in 1/72 scale

Kit producer: Extratech, Czech Republic
Scale: 1/72
Kit type: resin + brass etched parts

I built my Greyhound as fresh new kit together with M-20. I built them to serve as presentation kits for EXTRATECH company during Model hobby fair in Prague. Therefore I built them without any big modifications. I was also the first critic of these tow kits but I have to tell that all mistakes I have found reduce my positive tenet concerning these excellent kits for 10% max. The first problem I have found is little longer connection tube of front axle. I simply cat out part of it. Other problematic part is MG mounting ring that is little crooked. This problem solved hot water. The etched part that should be glued-on the resin MG mounting ring is for noting and I threw it away. On the other hand I missed parts that should fit the MG ring to turret pillars and I had to scratchbulit them but it was very simple. The rest of assembly works was simple and I enjoy it very much.

N_72_M8_01.jpg (4639 bytes)  N_72_M8_02.jpg (4812 bytes)  N_72_M8_03.jpg (4417 bytes)