M 26 “Dragon Wagon” & M4A3 Sherman 1/72 scale


Used kits: 1/72 scale scratchbuilt M 26
1/72 scale M4A3 Sherman kit by ESCI

The model of wrecking version of M 26 “Dragon Wagon” is complete scratchbuilt according to drawings and reference pictures. This model includes every interior and exterior details. The M 26 tows damaged M4A3 Sherman tank. The model of M4A3 is built out of ESCI kit without any special modification. It is completed with some exterior details only (holders, machine gun mounting, lights guards, tools, cases, back-packs tac.). The camouflage and marking is realized according to reference picture of these vehicles used in Italy in 1944.

It took me about 180 hours to complete this set.