M 26 A1 “Dragon Wagon”
& M 15 & M4A3 Sherman (76mm)
in  1/72 scale


Used kits: M 26A1 Dragon Wagon – scratchbuildt in 1/72 scale
M 15 trailer – scratchbuildt in 1/72 scale
M4A3 Sherman (76mm), Revell/ESCI conversion in 1/72 scale
Jeep Willis MB – 1/76 scale kit by Matchbox

This model of M 26 A1 /not armored version/ is scratchbuilt according to drawings and reference pictures. The assembly of this model was much simpler because I used many parts I cast during scratchbuilding of previous two ”Dragons”. The model includes all exterior and interior details.

The ”Dragon” tows scratchbuilt M 15 trailer that is little different from M 15A1. The model of M4A3 Sherman (76 mm) placed on the trailer is mixture of two kits. The hull is from M4A3 by ESCI and the turret with 76 mm gun is from M4A1(76) kit by Revell. I just completed few exterior details and placed it on the trailer. Last item is model of the Jeep that is built without any big modification straight out of the box.

The camouflages are realized according to reference picture of real vehicles served in unknown unit of US Army.

It took me about 200 hours to complete this set.