M 26 “Dragon Wagon”
& M15A1 trailer c LCM in  1/72 scale


Used kits: 1/72 scale scratchbuilt M26
1/72 scale scratchbuildt M15A1
1/72 scale LCM kit by Airfix

This model of M 26 is completely scratchbuilt according to drawings and reference pictures. The model includes all exterior and interior details. This M 26 is built with crane in position enabling to tow M15A1 trailer that is also completely scratchbuilt. The reference pictures of real vehicles transporting LCM assault boats from Normandy to Rhine inspired me when I was completing these models. Therefore I placed on the trailer this type of boat built with few modifications out of the kit by Airfix. I have added binding eyes, new wheel house atc. The transport set is realized is in classic color schema of US. Army and represents vehicle of 457. evacuation corps.

It took me about 250 hours to complete this set.