M4A1 Sherman with M1 Dozer Blade

Scale: 1/76

Manufacturer: Fujimi (tank only); Dozer blade - scratch build

As I collected many books on the Sherman tank, many pictures of Sherman tank with the M1 dozer blades caught my attention. Most of them are attached to early type of Sherman and typically with the 75mm gun. 

The Fujimi M4A1 model is an ex-Nitto. Therefore, it has undersized wheels with soft rubber tracks, and I really don't care for the interior details. Also, the cast hull shape is incorrect. The front should be more bulging and the back should have more slope. I corrected that with putty in the front and scraping in the back. The wheels are replaced with copies of Matchbox Firefly wheels (squash cast technique). Tracks are replaced with Revell M4A1 length and link tracks. The applique amour are sheet styrene with stretched sprue (weld seam). The commander came with the kit, and I added a pair of goggles on his helmet.