Armored draisine TATRA T-18 1/72 VVV model

    This armored rail vehicle served Czechoslovak army in the thirties last century.
     The camouflage is realized according to HPM No.12/93 magazine and kit instruction sheet. Other references are the pictures I have found in ATM military magazine and Military History of Czechoslovakia III book.

      The model was built straight from the box without bigger modifications. The kit includes very good photo etched brasses facilitating modeling. On the other hand some resin parts of the kit are very poor /especially lights/. I have replaced also machine guns and used guns from airplane kits (BH-21, D-1).
      I used Agama, Revell, Humbrol paints to airbrush this model. The edges of the camouflage are realized with help of sticky covering band and firm hand with good brush. 
     When I finished this model I have bought new book about Czechoslovak AFVs with many other very good pictures of this type and I have found out that my reference camouflage published in mentioned HPM magazine is wrong unfortunately. The correct colors should be light green, black and middle gray. It was typical example of modeling Murphy’s Low again! 
      Now when the problems with camouflage are solved the other lovers our army history can built this rare vehicle (only one was serving in our army) to remember old times when our army was well equipped and ready to fight and defend our country.
     Unfortunately it is impossible to say something similar now!