M 15 40 mm Bofors 1/72

Used kit: M4A1 Half Track, Hasegawa, 1/72 scale
Accessories: etched set by Eduard

     The model M 15 is conversion of mentioned Hasegawa kit built according to the drawings published in Fine Scale Modeler magazine. I used only some of the chassis, wheels and the fenders from the ki. The rest is scratchbuilt. It means that the floor, the turret, the tanks and engine cowling and guards are completely new. The crew cab with interior is also new and covered with the tarp. The 40 mm Bofors gun is modified kit by Airfix. The model includes complete scratchbuilt engine with aggregates, radiator and cabling. The model of 1,5 t trailer Ben Hur is built of the kit by TP Model. I have added the lights cabling and the tarp only. I have used various materials /aluminum and plastic sheets, copper wires, napkin and cigarette paper/ to built this model.

     Camouflage and marking of the vehicle served in the Pacific in 1943 is realized according to the reference pictures. I took me about 100 hours to complete this model.