Used kit: by PST in 1/72 scale

Camouflage and making: Czechoslovak Armored Corps, end of May 1945, parade in Prague
Documentation: periodical HPM 2/99.

     Our unit received 8 pieces of these heavy tanks from one of Soviet units few days after German capitulation only. The reason was probably that there was nothing to show to people in Prague because our unit had had only few T34s before this parade and these colossuses should give better impression. The PST kit is not of kits ”building” themselves. I ”enjoyed ” especially the wheels. I used AGAMA colors and decals form VVV Models decal sheet. The Czechoslovak marking is realized according to documentary and films but these references are not so clear to recognize all in 100%. The vehicle has no any patina because it is supposed to be cleaned and painted before parade.