Hetzer improvisation in 1/72 scale ESCI 
kit conversion
Prague uprising - May 1945

    The camouflage schema is based on the article published in HPM 3/95 magazine.  
All marking is hand painted.  

     The model represents one of the vehicles used by Czech resistance forces. 
     They used a few new but not completed Hetzers. The camouflage of these vehicles was changing day by day because of adding new and new slogans atc. I have chosen the vehicle in camouflage I prefer.
     I used older ESCI kit as the base for this model. The kit is not exactly same type as the variant produced in Prague factories in the spring 1945. The differences are the shape of exhaust and the rear chassis wheels. 
     I have tried modified the exhaust but the rear wheels are not modified. I do hope the accurate modelers will forgive this incorrect point but it was aver my experience and the taste to modify also wheels.
     I enjoy building of ESCI kits very much and I’m unhappy because of their shortage on the market.

     Let me to thank all courageous people who used these not completed vehicles to fight against much better equipped German forces!