Bren Gun Carrier in 1/72 scale


Used kit : Scratchbuilt, 1/72

     The good plastic kit of this known British WW2 vehicle is not available on the market, except kit by Airfix that is not necessary to comment. Therefore I have decided to scratchbuild complete new model according production drawings, and manuals for production of real vehicle. The lower part of the body and interior are scratchbuilt of plastic sheets and the side, front and back armor are scratchbuilt of aluminous sheets including necessary rivets. The chassis is also complete scratchbuilt, inclusive wheels and levers. The interior is equipped with necessary accessories, crew weapons and equipment, radio and cans. My model is the copy of 1/35 scale kit by Tamyia 1/35 miniaturized to 1/72 scale

     The vehicle was designed to tows 6.pdr. field gun therefore my is doing same work! J This gun is partly based on 6. pdr. by Airfix. I added new shield of sheet and enlarged all other parts to 1/72 scale. My model has camouflage and marking according to reference photos and represents vehicle used in North Africa served in famous ”Desert Rats”

It took me about 100 hours to complete this model.

P.S. This model won IPMS UK championship in 1998.