Diamond T 981 & Rodger Trailer M9
 & LCM Mk.3 1/76
21st Group Army Operation Plunder March 1945

Wheels&Track No. 54
Les Vehicles du Debarqement 1994
Own photos taken in Transport Muzeum, Beverly, UK
Pictures from W&T magazine by Militaria,

      The model of the Diamond T 981 trailer-towing vehicle is based on the kit set ”Diamond T 980 M-19” by Matchbox. I have modified the springs, the axles, the wheels, the towing device, the running rolls, the rope and the rope drum to. I have also modified the cab interior, the mirrors and added the tarpaulin frame and the tarpaulin on the cargo surface. I have used the Humbroll paint M117 to airbrush basic color and the Humbroll M29 for the patina. The used decals are from the Matchbox’s kit.

     The model of the Rodger Trailer M9 is also based on the kit set ”Diamond T 980 M-19” by MATCHBOX. I have modified more details on this kit. For example the tow bar, the rollers for the rope. There are also completely new parts as the sides with the functional staples and the slip sides. I used the same painting and the decals as on the trailer-towing vehicles.

     The model of the LCM Mk.3 is the Airfix’s kit with a few modifications only. New is the winch of the rope drum, the railing and some small details. I have found the camouflage for this model is inspired by W&T magazine by Militaria

It took me about 300 hours to finish all these models.

I won the IMPS UK with the Diamond T 981 in 1994 and placed second with the Rodger Trailer M9 with LCM Mk.3 on Czech Republic Model Competition in 1998.

Petr ”Dusin” Dusek