Diamond T 975 Pontoon 1/76 Scratchbuilt
3st Canadian army RCASC – Operation PLUNDER May 1945

Wheels & Track No 34 – Canadianœ Diamond
Blueprint for Victory by Villiam Gregg
Verlinden Publications – Warmachines Plus 736 by Willi Peeters
My own photos taken in Arromanches 1994, private collection Vienna

     This model is full scratchbuilt except some parts of cab, wheel arch and radiator I used from Matchbox’s kit Diamond T 980. The wheels are conversion of the wheels from some kit by ESCI. The molded frame, the springs and the axles with the hubs are completely new. Only motor with all details took me about 2 months of work. e. The same it was with gearbox, PTO, parking break propelled shaft atc. There are the details as production labels, wiper engines and the fascia-board including the lighting and the pointers in the interior.
     I have used my own technology ”welding” to make the body. I stick the plastic sheets /0,2 mm/ with second glue in the simple jig. Using this technology I’m able to make perfect L, U, and I profiles.
     I used described technology also for producing of the pontoon towers. The ropes placed on these towers are made of the twines from small signal rocket parachute. The small metal details are made of brass sheet /0,05 mm/. I used the Humbroll paint M117 to airbrush basic color and the Humbroll M29 for the patina.
     The decals are made using of known technology ”brown tape", varnish and paint.
     It took me about 500 hours to finish this model.
     I won the Czech Republic Model Competition in 1995 also IMPS UK in 1997 with this model.

Mgr. Petr "Dusin" Dusek – Ricany