Diamond T 980 6x4 12 tone prime mover
 scratchbuilt in 1/76

Scammel trailer 30 tone 
by AIRFIX 1/76

Churchill Carpet Layer Type D 
on Churchill Mk IV A.V.R.E
conversion of MATCHBOX 1/76

Wheels&Track No 54
Les Vehicles du Debarqement 1994
my photos taken in Transport Muzeum Beverly UK, Duxford UK
pictures from W&T, Militaria magazine
AIRFIX Magazine – Churchill Carpet Layers by W.J.Cane

     The model of this experimental type of towing vehicle is more than 80% scratchbuilt. The original kit parts are the side sills, fenders and the pattern of the tires. All other parts are new. I made them using casting technology or made of the plastic sheets, brass, wire and other materials. This Diamond T 980 is airbrushed with Humbrol paint M 117 and patina is realized with M 29. All is finished using technique of ”shadowing”! The decals are my own production using technique of ”brown tape, varnish and paint”. I was building this model together with model of DIAMOND T 981 open cab WRECKER.

     The model of Trailer is based on AIRFIX kit. I just modified some parts and add some details to get better appearance (the departure blocks, the hold-down rod for the departure blocks, the box for wood, the parking ”legs”, the rope drum, the cables atc.). The model is airbrushed with Humbrol paint M 30 and ”Mickey Mousses” are painted with Humbrol paint M 33.

    The model of the CHURCHILL Mk. IV tank is based on MATCHBOX - CHURCHILL A.V.R.E.BRIDGE kit. I modified and add few new parts modeling this kit. The model has completely new interior, the induction ports and the exhaust tubes. The side and upper hatches are open also new equipment and tracks are added. The special part of the model is the ”spool” made according to conversion instruction published AIRFIX Magazine. The model is airbrushed with Humbrol paint M30 and the patina is realized with M 29. All is finished using the technique of shadowing.

It took me about 400 hours to finish all these models.

I placed on 3rd place on IMPS UK show in 1998 and also on 3rd place on Czech republic Model competition 1998 with these models.

Mgr. Petr Dusek - Ricany