Char B.1 bis  1/76 Matchbox

     This model of French tank Char B.1 bis is built up form Matchbox’s double kit Char B.1 bis & Renault FT-17. 
     The model has been built practically straight of the box with only few small modifications. I have drilled the gun nose, replaced turret machine gun barrel by grouting point, added new hook on howitzer mask and new antenna. The special detail I have added is the wrecking chain made of silver bracelet. The last detail I have added is the case improved by photo etched fitting by VVV Model. 
     The camouflage has been realized according to publication by Histoire & Collection Paris. The decals have been made using Corel Draw software and printed on Oki Alps printer. 
     The patina is has been realized by dry pastels. Black one for highlighting of the edges and Brown-rust one for the tracks and chain. The model has been dirtied by thinned brow paint. 
      I have used also the figure of the tanker included in the kit. I have added the curb and the strap of the glasses both made of cigarette paper.