M3 Stuart "Honey" 1/72 Hasegawa
10th Armoured Division North Afrika

     The M3 Stuart Mk.I 1/72 kit by Hasegawa is base for this model. The chassis, the hull and the turret are practically without bigger modifications. The tool boxes placed on the hull, the silencers, the smoke grenade launchers, the lights on the mudguards and their guards (made of beer tin sheet), the hauling rope (the knot of copper wire) are new. Other small details as the hatch support on the turret, the machinegun ammunition box, the fastening straps (made of cigarette paper),the tarpaulin (made of toilet paper), the rods fixed on right mudguard (cut wooden slat), the helmets on the lights and on the smoke grenade launchers (cut from figures by Airfix) and the antenna (made of copper wire) are also new.

The decals are printed using the methods described in the "Tips & Tricks" section.

The camouflage has been airbrushed with Humbrol 93 paint and painted with thinned sand paint to get sand patina.