Leyland Hippo Mk.I Workshop 1/72 Scratchbuilt
Czechoslovak Armoured Brigade in U.K.

     This model of the vehicle maintenance shop on Leyland Hippo Mk.I truck is based on some parts of Monty´s Caravan by Matchbox. The mask of radiator, the tires, the driver cab’s canvas roof, the fuel tank and some parts of chassis are used form this kit. The chassis frame, the front mask, the sides and the floor of the bed are new made of the plastic sheets. The tarpaulin frame is made of the grouting points are easily workable after the annealing. The coiled tarpaulin is made of the sticking-plaster. The lampshade of the lamp hanging above the turning machine is made of pills packing.

     The maintenance equipment is a special chapter. You can see this equipment on the picture and compare it with the dimension of the matchbox. You can see there the turning machine (from more than 20 parts), the air cylinder with the welding machine, the generator, the compressor, the grinder fixed on the table with two drawers, the drilling machine and two grippers fixed on one of sides. All maintenance equipment is scratchbuilt made of the plastic sheets and copper wire.

     The Revell paint No. 46 Bronze Green has been used for painting of this model.

     Used decals are partly from the decal set ”Czechoslovak Armored Brigade” by VVV Model and partly printed on Laser Jet.

    The patina has been realized with the graphite. Everything has been finished with the flat varnish.

Petr Falta