Dodge WC 63 1/72 

conversion of Esci kit
/U.S.A 1341258 T-O 5 Q 8/

Wheels & Track No 20
my own photos
construction sheet for 1:35 scale

     The model is my own conversion of 1/72 scale ESCI’s Dodge WC 52. I have extended the frame to required length, make new the axle, the springs and the drive shaft. I have also modified the cargo area and added new motor barrier, the motor itself with the radiator and other accessories. 

     I have placed the new fascia-board, the wheel and the seats into interior. The machine gun and its mounting are also completely new. The tarpaulin frame, the tarpaulin and small accessories on the cargo area are my own production too.

     I used the Humbroll paint M117 to airbrush basic color and the Humbroll M29 for the patina. The decals are made using my own technology. 

It took me about 200 hours to finish this model. 

Petr ”Dusin” Dusek