BA-64 1/72 Extratech
1st Independent Tank Brigade
Dolni Mecholupy
May 1945

     The camouflage is realized according to magazine HPM 12/98. 
The decals are taken from the decal set "east" Czechoslovak units by VVV Model.

     I have hand realized the unit symbol as hand-lettered and I had to regrind the surface and airbrush it again when the decal set was realized. It was typical example of model Murphy’s Low. The decals are much finer and thinner than the hand-lettered symbol so I do wasted time to change it. 

     I had no problems modeling of this resin kit with photo etched parts by Extratech I enjoyed it.

     I looked-in the drawings I have found some drawings of this vehicle in magazine ATOM and I have found some small not important dimension differences between the drawing and the kit.

     I finished this model very quickly to have very nice small addition for my collection.

     I have tried to realize mud patina but my model still seems to me too clean than is the car on photo I have found in magazine HPM.