Cromwell ARV  1/72 stratchbuild

     This model is based on A34 Comet by Matchbox. There are removed trolleys on the chassis, the front part of the hull is modified and the ledges, the lights and their guards are added. The hatches are modified and the toolboxes and the jerrican holders are added on the mudguards.
     The engine-compartment and the engine itself has bee made according to the pictures of the conversion set in 1/35 scale by Accurate Miniatures. The crew cab is made according to the drawing published in model magazine HPM (Charrioter). The ARV parts are made according to the pictures of conversion set in 1/35 scale by Cromwell ARV 1/35 by Accurate Miniatures. The crane booms are made of the plastic rods by Tamiya. There is placed the photo etched Bren machinegun by Extratech in interior. There are added the jerricans and the boxes from the three kit by Academy.
     The camouflage airbrushed with Bronze Green and marking are realized according to rules of Czechoslovak Armored Brigade in UK brigade heavy maintenance shop.