Raupenschlepper Ost - RSO type 01 in 1/72 scale


Raupenschlepper Ost RSO (type 01) - kit. No. 72205


ACE, Ukraine


Two-part carton box with nice boxart

Kit type

Short-run plastic kit of German tracked cargo vehicle


The kit includes 5 plastic frames (green & white) with almost all kit  parts. The tracks (incl. Some spare ones) and windshield wipers are supplied etched of metal.  Quality of parts is very high comparable with standard plastic kits, though the kit is classified as short-run. Only windshields made from clear foil and canvas frames made of wires (not included) have to be added.


Very well arranged and detailed, suitable for beginners, too.


Good decals with markings for 3 vehicles from East front included.

General impression

Marvelous kit! I can only recommend it !