38 M Toldi I & IIA in 1/72 scale 1/72

Name 38M Toldi I (A20) & 38M Told IIA (B40) kit (kit 7243-4)
Manufacturer Oliver Mark Miniature, Hungary
Packing A single plastic bag holding all the parts, within a cardboard box.  On the box is a good color painting showing locations of markings and the paint colors.
Kit type All resin kit. 
Quality About 50 parts including upper and lower hulls, turret, individual roadwheels, two long runs of resin tracks and individual links to go around the sprocket and idler wheels. Good quality. There are pour stubs on the hulls parts and turret to cut off.  The track sections have bubble-balls on the outerface to remove and almost no track teeth visible.  Hand tools and other fittings are separate which I like.
Instructions The instructions are 6-part line drawings showing locations of the wheels, tracks and turret parts.
Decals No markings are included.  Hungarian 1/76-1/72 scale decal markings can be attained by Aleran Decals (# AX-1), Toff Productions (#721112 and #721113) and Attack Models AR06.
Note This Toldi II model is a an upgunned version of the Toldi I tank.  The Toldi I light tank was a Hungarian licenced-produced version of the Swedish Landswerk60 tank.  At a little over ten tons the 20-mm gun armed Toldi 1Iwas similar in use and function to the German Pz II.  The Toldi II was upgunned with a 40-mm cannon.

 Toldi I


Toldi II