FuSE 62 Würzburg Radar”   

Scale: 1/72

Kit: Extratech 1/72

I saw this model for the 1st time in the Polish magazine Model Fan. There was an article  called „Czech model market” with one b/w photo. Fortunately I had two photos of this radar in „Luftwaffe we W³oszech 1944” (L. In Italy 44) by Wydawnictwo Militatia. I decided to build the radar from photos. But the radar from Italy (one is in deep trench) has a different chassis than this kit has. I’m afraid that this item is better for the early stages of the war.

I had to look for another solution. I found a wartime (I hope so) graphic on the Internet with Würzburg  without a chassis but on a wooden platform. It was a breakthrough. In two photos I also had a radar in a trench, on another construction of a wooden ramp. I started.

The earth is made from plaster. The walls of trench and floor under the radar are from plastic sheet. The vertical logs are from the old ESCI accessories set. I used also plastic from an old model of a sailing ship and steel parts from an E. German-made Constructor set for kids (fortunately I didn’t throw it away).

The figures are from  Preiser. The two standing ones from Pilots and ground crew (72508),  the seated one has the legs of tank crew member (72507), and the torso and arms from  an infantry soldier (72503). The figure with the sunglasses has shoulder tabs made from ordinary printer paper that I painted red –  the colour of Flak (because Germans were using the radar for Flak directing). The two deckchairs are from Preiser 72508.

The radar. It was my 1st resin and PE kit. It was good for me that Extratech’s etched parts are thicker than Part’s. I added electric wire {power cables} and replaced the PE handle with 0,3mm copper wire. I also improved the dipol (plastic and wire).

All painted with Humbrol. Radar H67, uniforms (Luftwaffe colour) H96.

Many thanks for Milan and Mr. Kozdera from Extratech for the extra dish.

Piotr Mostowiak, Polska