"Defenders" Russia 1942

Scale: 1/72 - 1/76
Kit Manufacturers: Matchbox, Italeri, Fujimi, Revell Germany, Hasegawa

This project began when a friend sent me the resin base as a gift. This is an artillery emplacement, with recon from 6th Panzer. A Quadruple 20mm gun and the MG 42 are for defence, and an MG crew is running to replace a destroyed one. Observations and orders are being given, while recon is waiting. Artillery is firing. The base was made with few modifications. I used the Panzer II F from Matchbox out of the box, the  Fujimi quadruple 20mm guns with new seats, the BMW motorcycle was assembled without the sidecar and the 105mm gun came from the outstanding Revell Germany German Artillery. Modifications on the gun were inspired on an outstanding article by Stephen Brezinski at Miniaturezone Website and some pictures. Figures from Italeri, Revell Germany and Hasegawa. Two "Hiwis" are helping the Germans. Armor was painted with Tamiya and figures with Humbrol.

Thanks for Augusto Versiani for the pictures, Alexey Tuhzilin for the base, Stephen Brezinski for the inspiration and Bob Grimster for the info.