”3,7 cm PAK mit Bedienungsmannschaft”


This is my favourite. The PAK is with the exception of the tires total scratch. I simply tried to do a little gluing job building the ESCI PAK straight out of the box. But after having read the formidable 3,7cm PAK-articles in STEEL MASTERS I had to recognise, that the ESCI PAK had nothing in common with reality. No way, I had to scratch it with plastic-sheet, alu-sheet and 4centimeters of very thin copper wire. Having done so, the PAK crew was a special challenge. Most complicate thing to do was building the gunner No. 1. After having aimed at a special target, which has been given by the gunner sergeant, the gunner had to remove his had from the aiming sight. This gunner consists of 15 parts. Painting was done with Vallejo colours. Bushes and trees are self-made.

After having built this little gun I was able , or better, I was privileged to get the chance buying a ALBY model of this ”cute” little gun. The ALBY gun is on a very high level standard, but I am not convinced by the gunners sight. But nevertheless it is best model of this little gun in our scale. Back to my interpretation of the ”Wehrmacht´s Doorknocker”, I invested about 20 hours of modelling the gun and about 15 hours sculpting and variying the figures. I hope the result is somewhat convincing.