”David und Goliath”


KVII from PST and Panzerjäger I kitbash Fujimi and Esci with additional complete scratch-built interior detailing. Figures Preiser and modifications on old Esci-Figures, using Preiser parts and self-formed bodies and legs.

This scene describes a ”good luck moment” for German troops. The KVII had to be given up by it´s crew due to a technical defect. This tank is very battle weary, which can be seen by having a look at one of many hits, which didn’t hurt him at last. This is aspect is payed attention to by the Germans, climbing and inspecting this monster. Towing cables a self-made by drilling very thin copperwire.

I am very proud on the Panzerjäger I (Tank Hunter I) which took about 25 hours to be modified and completed with it’s whole interior