"Last counterattack" Germany, spring 1945


Scale: 1/72

This is our grand diorama we work on about 4 years now with several breaks. The houses are all scratchbuilt by Ziege and made out of carton, plastic sheets and everything else he finds (like metal tubes, ground plates from ESCI Nebelwerfer crew, paper, wood etc..). Then he makes silicon-forms of the walls and produces them with keramin.
The figures on the dio are created by Oke, most of them are on the base of preiser-figures. At the moment there are about 70 figures on it, when the dio is ready, it will include more than 120 figures.
Most of the vehicles on the dio are built by Ziege and they are placed on only temporarily. After such a long time of working we decided to show the dio on some exhibitions, even it is not ready yet. Therefore we placed some models /some also not finished/ on it but they are not built specially for this dio.  

The dio shows part of the main street of a small German town that was already occupied by US-troops but a counterattack of the last AFV and infantry from various units /Waffen-SS, Grenadiere, Volksgrenadiere, Luftwaffe-Felddivision, Fallschirmjäger pushed US troops back for a short time. While the AFV follows the retreating Americans the infantry capture surprised GIs and search for hidden GIs in the houses and the gardens.
The hospital is quickly evacuated because everyone knows that the counterattack is useless and the US-troops will be back soon...