”Last Exercise"


Scale: 1/72

This is a training exercise in the Middle East before the latest war. The AFV's are the Revell 1/72 scale kits. Just out of the box. I'll never put a dent in my 'to build pile' if I get too fancy with each kit. The stowage is the Verlinden kit. Nice but they could have added a couple more pieces for the price. I'll do my own next time especially the bedrolls and big tarps. These don't 'sit down' very well. The soldiers are Preiser modern US infantry. Very nice with good poses. Too many guys for one Bradley? Another Bradley, just out of picture dropped them off. The camels are Preiser model railroad. Already painted. They are are a little short I think. Probably a rare dwarf kind. The sand is from a beach 'somewhere in North America'.